The Guide: My Personal Travel Essentials

Whether it be in Singapore or Manila, there seems to be a tourist uniform that men always follow. Yes, I'm talking about the raggedy shirt, baggy cargos, and flip-flop ensemble. While it may be most comfortable to go around in, one may find oneself at a disadvantage while sporting them. The world of no-shoes, no-pants, no-service still exists after all, and even beyond that, wouldn't you want to look good in all those pictures you're going to take? That's why I wanted to share my travel essentials for my trip to Hong Kong. No, I don't plan on dressing to the nines, but I don't want to go out looking like I just stepped out of my living room either. A middle-ground, I'd say.

So what's inside my diminutive suitcase? 1. Navy collared shirt (Lacoste) for those swankier malls. 2. Yellow V-neck (Gap) for those walk-in-the-sun tourist attraction days. 3. White oxford shirt (Uniqlo) for that fancy dinner date. 4. White logo shirt (Comme Des Garcons Play) for those artful, hipster-y places. 5. Striped shirts in navy and green (Uniqlo) for some harbour front strolls. 6. Tailored khaki shorts (plain + simple) to match with number 2. 7. Blue cardigan (Topman) when mall shopping gives you the chills. 8. Tortoise-shell Clubmasters (Ray-Ban) for every single day (sunlight optional). 9. Navy jeans (Muji) for everything else on this list. 10. Bag? You know it!

I think I'll be okay with these. As for shoes, that's in another post!


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