The Item: Porter x Pointer Canvas Tote

I've always dreamt of owning a Head Porter bag. More than LV, more than Prada, this is the brand I told myself I'd buy when I made myself some money. Funny thing though: I thought it would take me years before I get one (always wanted those expensive 3-way tanker bags), but as it turned out, I didn't have to wait that long. I bumped into this very reasonable Porter x Pointer canvas tote at Rockstar in Orchard Cineleisure and boom, daddy's home. If you wonder why it looks so familiar, the colors were based on one of Pointer's classic shoes which I wrote about here. My first Porter and a limited edition collaboration too? Man, I must've done something right.

First look: Ah, the navy and khaki combination always gets me.

A view from the top. Gotta love that classic orange lining. Very truly Porter!

How it looks when stuffed. I love how the function matches the form!


wtsrudi said...

That is some TOTE BAG... simple and stylish!!!

Styles I Love said...

Thanks rudi! Totes are my bag of choice and this was a can't miss opportunity!

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