The Item: Cheap Woven Bracelets (Part 2)

Woven bracelets have grown even more popular since I first wrote about them. I tried getting more here in Singapore, but the ones I found were either insanely priced or suspect in quality. That's why on a recent trip to Manila, I decided to load up again at my favorite wrist accessory shop, the Bead Shop stall at Rockwell Power Plant. I was going to get more monochromatic ones like last time, but I was told of a new service they do - you could choose 3 colors of string and they'll weave it for you for no extra charge! Ever the sucker, I obliged by going for my fave red, white and blue trio and mixed it up with a green-black-yellow number for good measure. To be quite honest, it's simple (cheap) pleasures like this that make me miss Manila even more!

Both bracelets for just P150? Now that's a damn bargain!


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