The Item: Cheap Woven Bracelets

My bracelet collection has been growing uncontrollably in recent months. I even shared a checkpoint post with you guys at one point to show how crowded it's turning out to be, and despite that, it's expanded even more. I think I know why too. It's 'cause I always get attracted to these cheap ass bracelets you can get from any random tiangge stall. I seem to like how they juxtaposition with the more tailored pieces I often wear, giving me that little figurative fray. Unsure of where I'll get it here in Singapore, I loaded up before I left from a stall I found in PowerPlant. From the stack below, I picked the red and navy blue numbers which have become mainstays on my wrists since then. Not bad for P40 a piece! I think I'll grab some more when I come home!

When choosing your own cheapo bracelet, I suggest you go for solid colors first

Oh, will you look at that. Yeezy's got 'em on too, at the CFDA too, no less!

Photo courtesy of GQ


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