The Item: Bass Leather Buck Shoes

My girlfriend and I were trying to kill time before watching I Miss You Like Crazy last week (yeah, I watched, so what?) when I spotted these snazzy new arrivals from Bass. They were the best black leather bucks I've seen in a minute and, I believe, my new top pick in my never-ending search of the perfect pair.

You've probably heard it repeatedly from me before, so it's no surprise that the shape won me over first. A bit chunkier than my previous loves, yes, but how can you not like the contours? Perfectly rounded for that classic schoolboy look! See that added brown detailing at the top of the sole? A nice touch too! As you can see, it looks pretty good sockless as well and at P3,950, about what you'd expect from what's soon to be another Bass staple.

Reserved 'em, and may not stop at that!

I reckon they'd look awesome with shorts too!


走吧 said...


Therese San Diego said...

That pair's a headturner, man. Nice!

Oh, and who can resist the John Lloyd-Bea tandem? One More Chance is still my favorite, though. Hehe. :)

Styles I Love said...

Yes! I'm still thinking about the pair even to this day! I'm talking about the shoes, by the way. Haha!

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