The Happening: Bought One, Took One!

Remember when i told you all about the Buy 1, Take 1 weekend that Topman was going to have? Well, it happened, and I was not one to be left behind in all the action. I originally wanted to get slim fit slacks to add to my collection, but the styles I liked didn't have my size already. I looked at jeans too, but the only ones left were those "Spray On" skinnies, which I will never wear because I do want to bear offspring one day.

Anyhow, with jeans and slacks off the books, I wasn't really going to buy anything else. That was until I chanced upon the beautiful black canvas weekender you see below. Man, you don't know how long I've been looking for one of those babies! The canvas is the perfect material for a weekender bag, I think, because it can take all the rumbles and tumbles of travel and look even better after all the abuse. Finally, I can stop stuffing my Barba Eco-tote for all those out of town trips!

Now for the "take one" part. Left with a few options that were priced below the bag, I "settled" for this checkered button-down collar shirt without fitting (a cardinal sin in shopping!) since the store was closing down already. Thankfully, when I put it on at home, the fit was great and for something that was free, it felt oh so good! Needless to say, more stores should have schemes like this. Who cares if it's "last season's" stuff, if it looks good, it looks good!

A sturdy canvas weekender for P1,700. Not bad!

With this polo for free, I left the store a very happy camper!


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