The Happening: Band of Outsiders SS 10

New quirky polaroid shots? This can only mean one thing: Mr. Sternberg's back with yet another collection from the much celebrated Band of Outsiders brand. As it is with his work, nothing really pops out (aside from the dip dyed oxford shirts), but why change a winning formula? Yes, we've seen it all before: the bow ties, the double-breasted coats, the folded up trousers, and yet somehow, Band changes it up just enough to have me convinced it's still fresh. Ah, Scott, you have fooled us all once again.

Aforementioned dip dyeds and an unsuspecting short shorts victim

Yeah, I'd wear that to go boating too

Honestly, nobody does double-breasteds better

The chambray shirt sure blends well with white

Photos courtesy of Band of Outsiders


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