The Happening: Jack Bauer's Dope Specs

Forgive me for exaggerating, but I do believe that 24 is the most awesome TV show of all time...of all time! It has been for 8 seasons now, with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) taking and dishing out all sorts of god-awful torture. Not only are the plots about government conspiracies and terrorism so riveting, but the show's innovative format of offering events as they happen "in real time" makes for such fast paced television (though it made me wonder at times why Bauer doesn't pee or even yawn).

Anyhow, this mention of the show on ze blog is not without merit. While I was watching the latest episode online, I just happened to notice the awesome glasses that Mr. Bauer wore while undercover (as if glasses would help, right?) Come to think of it, though, in this particular case, they do. The thick rounded specs are flat-out awesome and made even the toughest of SOBs look slightly intellectual. Of course, after having said that, he proceeded to pull out his gun and threaten a thug, but that's just how Jack Bauer is. Still, props to the wardrobe guy.

The best style choice Jack's ever made

Look at the intensity!


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