The Art: Lebron and Dwight for McDonald's

This year's edition of the Superbowl was the most watched show ever, yes, ever in the US. It really doesn't surprise me all that much, though, because year in and year out, its ratings seem to be very high anyways. Which leads us to this: Because of the massive viewership, companies look at the event as an advertising gold mine, churning out their best stuff for this one night of grid iron glory.

This year's best comes from McDonald's, featuring two of the NBA's best young studs, Lebron James and Dwight Howard, duking it out in quite possibly the sickest dunk contest I've ever witnessed in my life. Yeah, a lot of you will argue that the dunks are doctored by special effects, but damn it, have you seen Lebron sky? He can do that crossover between the legs dunk his sleep. Too bad he won't be entering the official contest. What a pansy.


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