The Guide: Cherishing Hand-Me-Downs

I come from a family that's as middle class as can be. We don't have it all, but the little things that we've worked hard for, we care for a lot. I particularly admire my father. From humble beginnings, he worked so hard to get us into great schools and provided for us as good as anybody can. Along the way, he was able to get a few special things for himself to let him know he's made it; stuff he damn sure well deserved.

One of his first big purchases was the Tag Heuer wristwatch you see below. Why all the hullabaloo you ask? Well, he just so happened to pass it on to me very recently. Extremely cheesy, yes, but it meant a lot for him to give me sole ownership of it. It was one of those father and son things which you can't help but look back on. Come to think of it, some of the best stuff a young man can receive are those vintage heirlooms from his dear 'ole dad.

They're accessories more often than not, but the occasional beat up loafer, vintage blazer, and bold specs could also do the trick. As for me, I have this sweet watch with a timeless feel, which I will pass on to my lucky kid. As it is with our family, it may not be the most extravagant, but what we've worked hard for, we will surely cherish for generations to come!

Thanks dad! The gold face works well with the black leather strap


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