The Guide: Sporting a Highlight Piece

I was wearing my all-red canvas plimsolls last Friday and as expected, it garnered a lot of comments (good and, well, weird) from my officemates. One thing we could agree on, however, was that every outfit needed a highlight piece just like it. Yes, if you want to make your mark without going overboard, you really only need one item with the volume up while keeping the others muted.

Whether it be your shoes, your shirt, your trousers, or an accessory, it's just a little bit better when you have that one piece which shows the world you're there. It can be a color thing (like my plims), a showy pattern (think tartan, et al), or a size variation (slim ties, chunky shoes); whatever it is, though, it should be the one thing people notice first.

Aside from my red shoes, I love wearing red socks, bow ties, and the Weejuns my girlfriend gave me, you know, uncommon pieces which make simple outfits a little bit less boring. Try it out for yourself and it won't take long 'till you get those remarks too. Good or bad, at least you will have made your mark!

The blue straps make those boots the shiz

The scarf breaks the monotony of dark hues

Don't know about the metallic shoes, but those socks are bangin'

The gray jacket balances the stiffness of the suit and tie

A herringbone blazer in that yummy color surely does the trick!

Photos courtesy of GQ


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