The Guide: One Thing, Two (or More) Colors

It has always been a rule of mine to not buy one thing I already have in another color. It's a wee bit too indulgent for me, so I just get one color despite having an eye for another. However, as it is will rules, I broke this long-standing mindset of mine when I bought a Gap shirt in two colors not so long ago.

If you have to ask, I had my reasons. The second color I bought was on sale at a ridiculously low price and the versatility it offered was just too good to pass up. Had it been at a regular price, I'm not sure if I would've gotten it. Which brings me to this: when is it right to buy something in two or more colors? Of course, if you're loaded, this is never a problem, but for the regular Juans like me who work hard for the money, when is it merited?

I say, if there's a distinct difference in the color-matching potential of the item, go for it. Using my Gap shirts as an example, I bought another color of the same item because the first one I got doesn't go well with some key items in my wardrobe. Having this new color allows me to have the same design aesthetic I love, but now with the chance to pair with my other clothes which have been ignored due to the off pairing with my first.

Just make sure to practice discretion when using this approach, though. Do it only for things which you absolutely love, things that will be part of the foundation of your wardrobe (collared shirts, button-down shirts, et al). A bit more, and you may just be in a little bit of a financial jam. Don't want to be responsible for any of that shiz, okay, so take it easy, you big spender you!

My first bi-color purchase item!


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