The Happening: The Look of Lurve

Yeah, that's me, smiling and having a ball, mostly because of the person across me who took this picture and a wee bit thanks to the layering combo I have on. It seems as though I bought the safari/utility shirt from Gap just in time as the trend's just kicking in. To tell you the truth, trend or not, it really doesn't matter. It's one timeless purchase and the way it matches a plethora of undershirt colors has made it my go-to overshirt for every casual occasion imaginable.

Foolin' around after dinner. Quaint little house ain't it?

On her: Zara all over (basic shirt, pleated jersey skirt, strap-on flats), Longchamp Le Pliage
On me: Gap safari shirt, Topman polka dot shirt and slim trousers, Sperry Top-siders


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