The Happening: A New Perspective!

I've had my dSLR for almost 10 months now, and for the longest time, I wanted to upgrade to a new lens. It was just that the money was hard to come by, with all the beautiful stuff around distracting my limited wallet and all. Well, last week, I decided that there should be no more delay. I finally convinced myself it was time to upgrade, and level up I did!

I got the 35mm f1.8 lens for my Nikon D60 - a fast lens which lets me take sharper pictures without breaking a sweat. Just so you know, that's heaven for a guy like me who has such twichy pasmado arms! I've actually been testing it out endlessly the past week and I must say, zero regrets from this buyer. I may be P13K down, but what the hell? Memories, being as precious as they are, need the perfect tool to capture them. Oh, and did I mention it's perfect for street style shots too? Watch out, world!

Just days ago, I thought of selling my D60..well, not anymore!


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Thanks Ian! It takes equally "nice" pictures too!

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