The Item: Adidas Philippine Range

If you're like me, you've probably grown sick of the knockoff Adidas Philippine flag jackets practically every stall in Greenhills sells. Adidas stopped making them years ago, people, so get over it! To tell you the truth, I wasn't really fond of the flag design to begin with. A flag on the jacket just seemed to...literal. If you were to ask me what a wonderful patriotic jacket looked like, it would be minimalistic with a play on the flag's trademark colors.

Redeeming themselves quite well, Adidas did exactly that. With a bevy of celebrities supporting the campaign (even more to follow after the post), Adidas launches the all new Philippine range, with a design aesthetic that I can all but wholeheartedly get behind. The diagonal stripes on the jacket offer a fresher, more modern take without taking away the essence of the flag. And the simplicity of the horizontal stripes is a wonderful alternative too to those tired Collezione flag shirts.

Finally, a patriotic effort I can rock without hesitation. As for you, go get your jackets and shirts now as they go on sale today at all Adidas outlets nationwide. Hurry! Babies as hot as these typically don't last long, so don't you dare get left behind! You don't want to end up getting yours in Greenhills stalls now, do you?

Lia Cruz making the shirt look very flattering indeed

Drei Felix proving that the jacket's lightyears better than its predecessor

Well, well, well. JLC returns on the pages of ze blog!

Photos courtesy of Adidas


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