The Item: The Vic Barba Eco-Tote

Before my girlfriend and I watched Up in 3D last night (a delightful movie, go watch), we checked out the previously unavailable and much hyped Ayala Mall Eco-Totes designed by some of Manila's best. Before anything, I must say, a fine job by the folks at Ayala for this eco-friendly collab. Such hard workers definitely need to be supported!

Seriously, though, It came at the right time too. I've been itching to get a new tote bag and what better than these 400-buck beautes, yes? (Cheap and Mother Nature approved!) I initially fancied Jun Escario's design from pictures I saw, but in person, nothing came close to the quality of Vic Barba's.

The Last-Second Winner: Vic Barba

I ended up buying the one which looked to be made of light grayish denim. A fine choice, I believe, for those casual days when I'm thinking of how much I wished Captain Planet was real, sans mullet of course, to save us from all this goddamn mothereffin' pollution.

Barba Option 1: Okay, but the material's just a bit too flimsy

Barba Option 2: The victor thanks to my girlfriend's great eye



Wonderful! Both options look great. We have the same shoes btw, haha!


now itching to get one in denim. How about claparol?

Styles I Love said...

hey ant! great minds think alike, i always say! haha!

Styles I Love said...

hey ram! i actually wanted to get claparol's also. it's a nice canvas option, but i was just too caught up with them barba's. :)

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