The Item: Ace Hotel New York Uniforms

I've always perceived hotels to be overly sophisticated and too high-strung for their own good. I mean, I don't mind the richy-poo atmosphere, but wouldn't it be nice to go to someplace a little more laid back? Honestly, I think "the problem" begins with the clothes of the employees.

Doormen in silly outfits, waitresses looking like they're part of a play, bellboys looking like, well, bellboys - it all makes for a wonderfully unreal portrayal of the outside world. While some would argue that the outfits makes their stay more luxurious, I prefer the more modern clothing of the employees from Ace Hotel in New York.

As you can see, Ace Hotel New York ain't your typical Peninsula or Shang. It's younger, hipper, and above all, it embraces New York culture and style in all its wonderful aspects. Thus, these ultra cool "uniforms" for their staff.

Get this: The typical male employee outfit usually consists of
drab green monochrome Chucks (created exclusively for Ace), classic black Doc Martens, Levi's jeans, and custom fitted L. Gambert shirts, topped off with a Glen check Coto tie and a Surface to Air tie chain. In the coming months, the doormen will sport Uniqlo cardigans and Spiewak peacoats to beat the cold. Damn, now that's how you do it!

In all honestly though, it ain't even about the brands. It's about the aesthetic, the idea to take in the sensibilities of the hotel's setting, rather than imposing old tired interpretations from god knows where. A well deserved bravo, to you Ace of New York! I'll check out and hopefully stay at the hotel the next time I vist NYC!

Undoubtedly the coolest and most stylish doorman you will ever see

Makes you think if all their workers are models, yes?

The Coto Tie and the beautiful Surface to Air Tie Chain

Who thought housekeeping would ever be this chic?

Photos courtesy of Cool Hunting


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it would be great if someday I could go to a hotel where all the employees are good looking while wearing their corporate clothing. <3

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