The Happening: Setting Them White Ones Loose!

For years now, I've been obsessed with buying white shoes. It all started with Adidas Superstars, then Chucks, then Nike Prestos, then...oh, you get the drift. The thing is, with all these pristine white kicks from the past being ruined by dirt and never getting back to their fresh-from-the-box glory, I've sort of built up this phobia of wearing white shoes in fear that they may be contaminated.

Enter my "latest" white kick purchases: a pair of Vans Slip-ons and Vans Sk8 Hi's both in washout white. The Slip-ons I've had since '07 and the Sk8 Hi's I bought last year during my trip to the US. And while you may find this pathetic or hard to believe, I will confess to having used each pair just twice since having them. Yes, my problem's that shitty.

What a Waste: These Slip-ons are two years owned and yet used only twice!

My Baby: The All-White Sk8 Hi

And then some days back, as I was cleaning my closet, it suddenly dawned on me: It's better that they get dirty than just letting them stay pearly white in their guarded boxes! I mean, how can I share the appeal they had on me to the world if I'm not going to wear them? Most importantly, though, why the hell did I buy them if I wasn't going to use them (a stupid question, I know)?

And so, on this day, I set the Sk8 Hi's loose. I let them roam the mean streets of Greenbelt 5, unafraid of a random douche who might just step on them by accident. I said to hell with it, the more I'm cautious with shoes, the more they get dirty anyways.

After surviving the day with the kicks still intact, I must say, it felt real good. I rediscovered why I bought the Sk8 Hi's in the first place and today, I promised myself I would wear them as much as I could. In all honesty, one year in the closet is an eternity for such a great pair, so there is really much catching up to do!

Finally! It took me some time, but they're finally loose!



You're not the only one. I have these white sneakers from A.P.C. and I think I've only used them thrice. For everyday use though, I have three different white pairs from Muji. Those look better when they get dirty and scuffed up.

Styles I Love said...

it's kind of comforting to know that i'm not the only one with the problem! i just found it really weird that they're just rotting in the closet in all their beauty just because i'm afraid of dirtying them. well, never again!

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