The Guide: The Proper Tie Length

You may have already mastered how to tie a tie from the instructional post I wrote the other day (I hope), but really, tying the tie is half the story, gents. To get the most out of your efforts, you have to learn the proper length at which to wear it. Yup, even for something that particular, there are best practices too!

An absolute no-no in my book are ties that are too long. If anything, it defeats the whole purpose of wearing a tie to look sharp, exposing you as a man who doesn't edit. There is just something off about it, maybe the disproportion of it all, the fact that the long tie creates this illusion of your torso being too short. I don't know about you, but I don't want to wear anything that leaves me lacking.

I actually like the tie pattern, it's the length that bothers me!

On the flip side, ties that are too short are just juvenile. I mean, I've seen girls rock the short tie and look good in 'em but when it comes to guys, it just looks silly. Especially when it comes to wider ties. Man, you'll look like a gangster from the 50s with that ish!

A practice I wouldn't mind keeping in the past

The ideal tie position for me (as with many others) is that your tie should touch just the very tip of your belt buckle or waistband when standing up. At this length, you will look neither sloppy or childish. At this length, you'll be seen as a grown-up who is well-put together, ready for whatever job that required him to put on that tie. And yes, at this length, you will have maximized the benefits of what may very well be one of the most powerful pieces of clothing you will ever own. No bullshit.

Now that is how you do it, my friends!


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