The Item: Robert Geller Collection for Levi's

In case you didn't know, Levi's is on sale this weekend, up to 50% off on select items actually. The reason I did not dedicate a post to it though is while I may endorse their awesome jeans as a whole, the local offerings just seemed to bore me, unlike their overseas counterparts. Too much distressed and faded for my liking, I suppose.

Which brings me to this Robert Geller Collection for Levi's. With the brand granting access to its rich archive to Mr. Geller, the designer has given his own take on Levi's classics, putting together what looks to be a very promising 11-piece effort. Heck, just bring that chambray shirt below here and I might start getting excited again every time I visit the local shops. Yes, it's that easy!

I just love the color of the chambray shirt

That denim parka ain't half bad too!

Photos courtesy of Selectism


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