The Item: Collezione C2 Knitted Belts

Collezione has been enjoying quite the resurgence these past few months with the insanely massive success of their Philippine Map collections (Thanks Rhett Eala!). Now, in an attempt to offer something new, they've released these sweet knitted belts with a brass ring buckle to re-nab those who've already had their patriotic fix.

I for one was actually very excited to have found these, as I've been looking for belts just like this for quite some time now. The ones in friggin' Ralph Lauren were so goddamn overpriced, it was so refreshing to see the price tag of these babies clock in at just P785.Yeah, a bit expensive for a fabric belt, but considering its versatility and quality, it won't take you a long time to see that it's damn sure well worth it.

I'd definitely go for that off-white number right there


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