Styles I Love: Kiko Escora

For me, there is no better mark of stylish man than when he is in his casual garb. It's when he's in his essence. And I believe if you can look good in the simplest of outfits, then you definitely have my respect. Just like this gentleman.

I ran into him in Greenbelt 5 and there was just something that stood out about his look. I would say it was a combination of the attitude, the hair, the sweet Rick Owens high top sneaks, and the I-would-not-recommend deep v-neck shirt that for some reason, suits him perfectly. A perfect illustration of how you can pull anything off when done with confidence.

Topman v-neck shirt, Dior Homme jeans,
Rick Owens sneakers, toothpick (Kiko's own)


Anonymous said...

that's kiko escora. agreed, pretty stylish guy, really. a painter too.

Styles I Love said...

being a painter gives him even more points in my book. thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

perfect abomination to the god of goth ninja

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