The Guide: Tying Your Own Damn Tie

I already wrote a post about the importance of knowing how to tie bow ties. But now, let's get to something a little more basic. While thinking of what to wear today to work, I thought of sporting a tie just because I haven't in quite some time. And as I was tying it, I randomly remembered how a lot of people have already asked me to tie it for them.

Initially feeling good about myself as I possessed this supposedly necessary skill, I find myself somewhat annoyed nowadays when grown men ask me to do it for them. I mean, for god's sake, knowing how to do it is a part of growing up! I know how empowered I felt when my dad taught me how to do it. You may say it's just a tie, but it's really a sign of a authority, of a man who knows what the hell he's doing.

So please, let this mean the end of those requests. I've scoured the "internets" for the best tutorials for the most basic knots for different occasions, so you better not be coming to me with that shiz ever again, you grown up man, you!

The Four in Hand: The easiest to learn and is suited for just about any occasion.

The Half-Windsor: My favorite. Slightly more dressed up without much bulk to boot.

The Windsor: The ultimate power knot that only so few can pull off
(See Ari Gold).


The Chubbychef said...

but the most sexy accessory you can have is having a hot chick, in nothing but a button down shirt, tie your tie in the morning am I right bob? ;)

Styles I Love said...

now who wouldn't want that, mr. palma? :D

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