The Guide: The Case for Cords

I don't know about you, but I've just gotten tired of wearing the same old jeans over and over again. I know, I know. I've already voiced out this discontent in my previous endorsement of casual trousers, but for those of you who still need a little more convincing, I now offer to you the case for the corduroy.

The oft unappreciated corduroy

Long hailed as "older gentleman" favorites, cords have been on a mini-renaissance these past few years with brands like Ralph Lauren and Levi's offering tapered fits for the all the hip youngins out there. Now in slimmer straight cut versions, I tell you, if you haven't even tried one on, you're missing out on comfort unlike any other!

Look at how relaxed he feels. Definitely the work of the cord suit

I only became an official believer when I got my first and only pair last year from Urban Outfitters though. It was a Levi's 514 (Slim Straight) and from the first time I tried 'em on, I knew it was over. I'd been officially converted into an advocate for the textile. Hell, with different colors to choose from and an unbelievable texture which just begs to be touched, what in the name of everything that's holy would you still have against it? I say get one today and see/feel the difference for yourself, you hard to convince jean-wearing person you!

The colors they come in are amazing! Different but never showy

The exact pair I have (Levi's Cord 514)

Photos courtesy of GQ, Ralph Lauren, and Levi's


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