The Guide: Try Trousers

When I go out every weekend, it seems that all I see men wear are jeans. It doesn't matter if it's a mall, a restaurant, or a coffee shop, denim is most always the fabric of choice for us guys. While there's nothing wrong with this per se (denim is the most practical to use for its comfort and its versatility after all), don't you want to switch things up a lil' bit?

I've noticed lately that I haven't been going with jeans on a regular basis anymore. And a big part of this change is the revelation I had when I tried out trousers one fateful weekend. While jeans were once associated with the rebellious teen who stood up to uniformity, that trait ironically has shifted towards the supposedly boring trousers.

Stand out with some sweet trousers, fold it if you dare

Afraid of looking too mature? Worry not as trouser cuts have become as diversified as jeans, ranging from the always reliable straight cut to the always chic slim fit (not skin-tight please!). The colors and patterns to choose from too have become very vast. The possibilities are endless, really. And it's a welcome change that separates you from the pack of indigo that has become more stale than edgy.

J.Crew offers many cuts to suit your trouser taste!

You'll have an easier time getting away with colored trousers than jeans

A final word: If ever you do decide to get your trouser game on, know that you don't have to pair it with long sleeved shirts. Wear it like you would jeans, but keep the shirt plain and the shoes classic. I mean, look at the guy below. How effortlessly cool does he look? Super, I'd say.

C'mon now, do you need really need more trouser convincing?

Photos courtesy of Por Homme



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