The Item: The Air Yeezy

I may have moved on to boat shoes, loafers and oxfords, but I am still very much the sneakerhead I was back then. Which leads me to this post. Yesterday was the birthday of my ultimate style icon, Mr. Kanye West, and to pay him tribute, today's post will feature the shoe he himself designed for Nike, the Air Yeezy.

One of the most anticipated shoes in recent memory, the release of the Air Yeezy has drawn many a line all over the world and for good reason. The futuristic look of the shoe mixed with elements from Nike classics like the sole of the Jordan 3 simply steals looks and really, is Kanye in his essence. Old and new. Classic but current. Happy Birthday, Mr. Yeezy. May you bless us with a lot more style statements in the years to come.

The Air Yeezy in its 3 glorious colorways

The first release: Neutral with the right amount of pop!

The second release: This black/pink number is my fave among the set!

The 3rd release: Gotta love that rich caramel brown color!

The birthday boy admiring his handiwork

Photos courtesy of Hypebeast


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