The Guide: A Father's Day Gift with Style

Every Father's Day the question seems to be the same: What do you get a man who can just buy everything he wants? Yes, if you're like me, shopping for your dad for this yearly celebration always results in a gift that is well, bleh. This year, though, I've figured out that while you can't get your old man everything he wants, you can always surprise him with a little thing called taste.

Upgrade his style by looking at the stuff he owns and then updating them. In my case, I narrowed down a list of things of my papa's that beg enhancing and used it to make a list of what to get him this year. Feel free to get some ideas here, but please make sure that whatever you get will suit your dad's style. Lord knows that the last thing he needs is another gift that he won't end up using. With that, here are my top picks.

Dads love to tuck in their shirts. For some reason, even if it'll make their tummies more prominent, they still stick with the trademark look. So be it, I say. Just give him an alternative to the black leather belt he always uses. The safest bet for me is a brown braided leather belt. Classic yet interesting, it'll take attention of that voluptuous belly of his.

Classy brown braided leather belt from Gap

Slip-ons seem to be the shoes dads prefer most during weekends. Tell him to give his tasseled loafers a rest and give him a shot of youth with this refined but sporty Superga Sardegna. Made of a leather upper and sneaker soles, this is as close as he gets at his age to athletic shoes on his casual days off.

I already showed these shoes some love, but why not mention them again for dad?

If there's one thing I've noticed about dad wallets, it's that they're way too thick, as in Big Mac thick. Now instead of giving him a thinner wallet to remedy this problem (which he'll probably stuff to capacity anyway), give him a reliable card holder instead. Not only will his backside be more balanced when sitting down, he'll also know immediately where to get his card when you borrow it.

I love the minimal trademark Paul Smith verticals on the pocket

Your dad's eyes might have begun to fail him, but don't let that be the reason for him to stick to his ill chosen gold-rimmed pair. Get him classic pieces from his childhood instead, the same time when Michael Caine was showing them how to do it. Horn-rimmed glasses are a good place to start. One wearing and he'll remember just how cool everybody looked in it back then.

N. Hoolywood specs will make your dad look retro, but cool

All dads have a ton of shirts which they have accumulated over the years. Only a select few though have one with french cuffs. The ultimate in sophistication in my view, your dad deserves one for all the raising he did for you. Heck, for all the trouble you've put him through, you oughta throw some nice cuffs links in just to show how much you really care.

The pinnacle of refinement: The french cuff (from Ralph Lauren)

Add these cufflinks for some extra brownie points (also from Ralph Lauren)

Photos courtesy of Gap, Superga, Selectism, Hypebeast, and Ralph Lauren


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