The Item: Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Full Line-up

Having been one of the first to rave about the Kanye West and LV collab way back in January, I now present to you the full lineup in a sweet video put together by High Snobiety. The perfect package for such a groundbreaking collab, if you ask me. Click play and see the magic for yo' self!

Update: A fitting addendum from Hypebeast where you can see the shoes worn on the streets by the likes of Yeezy disciples The Don, The Jasper, and The Mr Hudson.

Damn, more and more, I am actually thinking of saving up for what may be my very first LV purchase. Probably won't happen, but I hope the LV boutique in GB5 carries these so I can at least try 'em on. Make it happen, SSI!

Peep more pictures here.

Photos courtesy of Hypebeast


Dhon Jason said...

It is beautiful, not because it's LV. Not even because it is Kanye. It is simply beautiful.

Styles I Love said...

indeed, dhon. it's unlike any of the shoes i've seen out there. the fusion of the many elements from different shoes is a true sight to behold.

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