The Art: Art Basel Switzerland 2009

Considered as the world's premier art show, Art Basel celebrated their 40th Anniversary this year in Switzerland with 300 galleries and works from over 2,500 20th and 21st century artists.

As you will realize from some teaser snaps below, you really don't have to be of the artsy fartsy mold to admire these modern masterpieces. The vision and execution alone will just blow you away! It kinda makes me wonder if I should've taken my art lessons more seriously in grade school. Ugh, regret.

Takashi Murakami at his absolute best

A message sculpture? Sweet!

Wouldn't you like a hallway just like this?

Taking "faces in a crowd" to new levels

I always something like this in our house!

Beautiful chaos in silver

As Perez Hilton would say, "Amazeballs!"

Strangely, this reminds me of The Matrix

A Giant Pipe Dream

Hahaha! I love it! This'll scare off the robbers!

Photos courtesy of Yatzer


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