The Guide: Rainy Day Jackets

I remember when I was in high school that I always looked forward to the rainy season. It was that time of the year for me to bust out the jackets I've collected over the years and sport a different one for every day of the stormy week. I thought I was cool for having done that. Thing is, looking back, they were all very unfortunate style choices. The fits were off, the fabrics were too thick, and the designs were...questionable. I chose quantity over quality, but today, I'd like to think I've grown wiser. Way wiser.

The truth is you only need one jacket (okay, two maximum) to brave the rainy days ahead. And the things which I failed to consider before (fit, fabric, design)? Those are the things that you need to pay special attention to now when getting yours. In buying a jacket, make sure that the fit is perfect above all: not too loose nor too tight please. Too loose and you look too sloppy, too tight and you might not be able to zip it up no more. It's raining already, my friend. Don't make things more uncomfortable than they already are!

Penn Badgeley gettin' jiggy with a perfectly fitted jacket

When it comes to the fabric, I'd recommend something that's lightweight and, more importantly, waterproof. I mean, that is the reason why you're wearing a jacket right? If you have hyperactive glands like me, you're most suited for fabrics like nylon - light as a feather and quick to dry. If you don't have my predicament, by all means get jackets made of cotton. They don't dry as quickly, but it's your choice anyways, as long as you won't make the inside of your jacket as wet as the outside. That'd be the worst!

Nylon Topman Jacket

For designs, there are many to choose from, but my advice is to get one you can envision wearing years from now. You have to have the investment mentality and get just one, because jackets are not really that useful here in this tropical paradise of ours anyway. So go for classic never-go-wrong pieces like harringtons, bombers and baseball jackets and get them in colors that match almost every item you own. Black, navy blue, and light khaki are good places to start, but venture where your imagination takes you.

Ben Sherman Black Baracuta: A classic in the truest sense

Band of Outsiders Khaki Baseball Jacket: Reposted because I STILL want it

With more rainy days coming this month and most probably the next, you don't really have to stock up on jackets to keep in style. All you really need to do is to find a good 'ole dependable classic that fits well and stick with it. Lord knows I've learned my lesson. Quality trumps quantity any day. Just ask my trusty nylon bomber which I've been abusing these past few rainy days.

My go-to rainy day buddy, The Heritage 1981 Nylon Bomber

Photos courtesy of GQ, Topman, Ben Sherman, Band of Outsiders, and Heritage 1981


khaz of beautiful things said...

my favourite jacket right now is a three quarter length nylon coat from ben sherman.

Styles I Love said...

ben sherman has nice jackets! i'm actually going to do a feature on them very soon. right now i'm deciding over the fred perry x peter jensen or the ben sherman x baracuta jackets.

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