The Brand: Generic Surplus

I'm a lover of clean lines and classic looks. That's why my excitement shot through the roof when I heard that Generic Surplus was going to be available here via the awesome Trilogy Canteen/Store in Makati.

A mainstay in Urban Outfitters outlets all across the US (lucky bastards), these babies were made with the mindset of being simple yet with a focus on quality, fit, and refinement. Mission accomplished, I say. As you can see, these ain't your ordinary garden variety trainers. Four models are currently available, and frankly, they're' all you'll ever need.

Want: Gray Canvas Boat Shoes (even better than Vans' Del Barcos!)

These white wing-tip sneakers perfectly evoke casual refinement

Everybody needs plimsolls, and these navy ones will work with everything, every time

I've no idea why they call these "Military" Hi-Tops but I for one will salute it!

Available now at:
Trilogy Boutique
110 Alvion, Rada Street
Legapi Village, Makati

Photos courtesy of Generic Surplus' Facebook


desi said...

how much, on the average, is one pair? thanks. :))

Styles I Love said...

hey desi! overseas they sell these at 45-70 dollars, depending on the model. pretty cheap though if you look at what you're getting!

desi said...

thanks. i will definitely check out trilogy when i visit manila next month. :D


Supposed to get one ( suede wingtip) but when I got back it was gone…..just after 4 days…sad

Styles I Love said...

I hope they get new stocks though. if they're really going to carry the brand, they should!

anyhow, that's happened to me so many times. so lesson learned: if i love something and still think about it walking out out the store, i'm definitely getting 'em!

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