The Item: Joey Samson x Human Polka Dot Shirts

Designer collaborations have been quite the movement this past few years. With such mash-ups as Commes Des Garcons x H&M and Raf Simons x Fred Perry leading the way, people all over the world have been delighted with this phenomenon of getting high-end designer creations at a price they could actually afford. Albeit a bit late on the idea, the Philippines is finally getting a move on and coming up with its very own versions featuring our fine local talents.

With the release of Joey Samson x Human some months ago, the Philippines at long last had access to its first mainstream designer-clothing label team-up, at least the first of relevance anyway. And while the initial pieces Joey created were interesting with his mixing of patterns, it was his latest release for Human that really forced me to shell out some hard-earned moolah.

Going back to the basics with a small black and white polka dot pattern on collared and roundneck shirts, the diminutive print gives you just the right amount of quirkiness to stand out and make a statement. Add to that a very flattering lean tailored fit and what you have is a classic, gentlemen, which I believe will look as good in 10 years as it does today. I loved it so much that I just had to get two pieces! I mean, with outputs like these, I can't help but beg all you corporate brands and designers to come together and keep 'em coming please!

Collared Black Polka Dot Shirt (P430)

Roundneck Black Polka Dot Shirt (P380): Got this one!

Collared White Polka Dot Shirt (P430): Got this one too!

Here it is worn for you to get an idea about the (great) fit. Sorry about the dressing room cheap shot, Human! I bought 'em after all, did I not? (By the way, I apologize for the squinty eye too, that's just how I shoot!)

Collared Black Polka

Roundneck Black Polka

Collared White Polka


spike said...

these are actually pretty good. the problem i have with human is that they often have a big "HUMAN" brand somewhere plastered on to the shirt.

these ones look sophisticated yet playful. good post bobby

Styles I Love said...

yes! i just hate it when clothes scream the brand they come from. that's the big problem with bench and human (which unsurprisingly is part of the bench family).

they have nice pieces, but then you turn the shirt over and see the bold letters of the brand. you'd think that they could save more money and sell more clothes without it!

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