The Item: Black Label Homme Colored Leather Belts

Filed under "What took you so damn long?", Rustan's Black Label Homme finally heeded my call for someone, anyone to offer simple colored leather belts. No giant buckles, no gimmicks with the holes, just a plain unadulterated belt that brings some zing to the dullest of looks. Thanks Black Label! Now please, someone make H&M available here. AY-SAP!

I'm liking the green and yellow versions most (P795 at Rustan's)


khaz of beautiful things said...

they have great bags also. and did you see the suede derby they have? gorgeous

Styles I Love said...

oh yes! they have great bags too! i actually was contemplating on buying the gray leather file case/laptop bag of theirs. and the houndstooth tote too!

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