The Item: Jersey Clothing and Accessories

Jersey has been quite the fabric-of-the-moment for some time now, but it was only recently when I bumped into designer Joey Samson, that I got the urge to write about it (because of his awesome jersey pants).

While the use of the fabric is not new by any means, it's the manner in which it is now used that makes things interesting. Generally limited to only sweatsuits and shirts before, it has found its way to more refined pieces like blazers, jackets and pants, thus enforcing what should be a universally known truth in style: Fabric makes all the difference!

Now to decide which piece to get/have made. Off hand, I'm leaning towards the blazer because it switches the game up quite a bit more than pants and jackets. But just looking at how comfy the pants Joey's wearing are, I'm having second thoughts. Might just get both to be done with it (not worn together, of course). Whatever I end up doing (make one, both, or none at all), I'll surely let you guys know.

Joey's look got me back into wanting jersey pieces

It reminded me of the pants from Band of Outsiders' FW 09. Sweet!

I'm thinking of something like this blazer from Acne made, sans pockets

This button-down collar jacket from edifice is something else!

A jersey biker jacket, whould've thunk it? It's nice though.

A jersey bag collaboration even: Collete x Gap Longchamp Pliage

Photos courtesy of Selectism


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