The Item: Customized Basic Ts

Some months back, I posted what can be considered as my ode to the basic T. I remembered this because my good friend Gino asked me where I got the plain white T I had on yesterday. Admittedly, while I've posted some of the go-to options already in my original post about the topic, what I didn't include was the one place where I actually get mine. Call it greedy, but I wanted it to be my own little secret, a shirt place I can call my own. But since Gino asked, I think it's time to let the cat out of the bag.

Well, my friends, I get my all my basic T needs from a stall called Customized in SM Megamall. They can also be found in select The T-shirt Project stores as they're part of this big group along with brands like Spoofs, Branded, and Sounds Family (great name, by the way). I was actually hesitant to get shirts there at first, being a stall and all, but one purchase was all it took to convince me that theirs are the best in town.

Whould've thunk that this stall would have awesome basic Ts?

What I love about their Ts is the fit above all. I particularly like how the sleeves wrap around my arms. Some shirts always have this problem of being too loose around the arm, giving you this winging out effect that I particularly dislike. Customized's shirts don't have that problem. They fit snugly around the arms with the just the right amount of breathing space to boot.

What sets their shirts apart from the other basic Ts out there, however, is the fabric. While most have this undershirt thinness to them that exposes things you'd like to stay hidden (see nipples in a cold room), Customized uses fabrics that are a bit thicker, without compromising the breathability of the shirt. Trust me, that little added thickness goes a long way in the most awkward of situations. How I know this, you need not ask.

The many colors Customized offers (ignore the statement shirts, please)

All these great features at a fraction of what you'd pay for high-end basic Ts (at P320 each), they're certainly a steal for whoever wants to stock up on their basic shirt game. To date, I've gotten 3 already, and on the verge of getting yet another. With basics as sweet as these, who says you can't have too much of a good thing?

I'm considering getting one of these colors soon

The one I really wanted: Sadly, this charcoal gray number is out of stock


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