The Item: Lad Musician Canvas Bags

With summer officially over, it's about that time again for those lucky students to get some new back-to-school swag. Seemingly always at the top of that list is the bag, the most constant companion of every pupil during that stressful (wait 'til you work, kiddos!) 10 months of schooling.

While messenger bags are all fine and dandy, don't you want to try something new this year? Tote bags are gaining ground as acceptable man bags, but if you still have issues committing, here's the next best thing: the Lad Musician Canvas Bags. A simple creation really, with the handles of a tote bag and the strap of a messenger, you can go either way.

Perfect for the freshman starting a new life or a young professional desperately looking for some color in his corporate gear. They're so nice, I might just ask my parents to get one for me when they spend their silver anniversary in Japan this month! Fingers crossed about the price, though. Y'know how those Japanese are...

Love the red for pop, but the off white is way more flexible

Oooh, don't know which one I like best!

The blue's nice, but gray's a favorite

Photos courtesy of Selectism


toxic disco boy said...

cool bags. I want one in red.

Styles I Love said...

hey toxic disco boy (great name, by the way)!

i like the red one too, but i wouldn't mind getting the whole damn set! haha. i reckon these bags will still look good even 10 years from now...

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