The Brand: J.Press

I am a lover of classic Ivy League style. I just adore the air of intellectuality it exudes, the playfulness of the pieces, and most importantly, its longevity. The Ivy League phenomenon has been around for decades and while many deem Ralph Lauren as the standard of prepster wear, there's one brand that begs to disagree.

Albeit little known outside the East Coast of the US, some would argue that J. Press is the true measure of traditional Ivy League style. Founded in 1902 by Jacobi Press, J. Press' offerings has remained virtually unchanged since then, catering mostly to the capitals of the preppy subculture: New York, Cambridge, New Haven, and Washington D.C.

With a wide lineup that features such trademark pieces as bow ties, seersucker shorts, ribbon belts, and navy blazers, there's no doubt as to why scholars from schools like Yale, Brown, and Cornell swear by them. Don't be fooled though. You need not be a man of the Ivy to sport their sweet threads. Heck, just ask Fonzworth Bentley.

I love polka dots. I love bow ties. But both in 1 piece? Damn!

Ahhh. Another bow tie masterpiece, and this time of madras print.

Emblem ties are great, but the crossbones make it even better!

It works without the stripes too!

I've been hunting for a belt like this for a long, long time now...

This yellow number gives quite the pop, noh?

A classic: Their take on the button-down oxford

Seersucker trousers: the go-to pants of prepsters all around

They even sell Ivy League school badges, just in case you wanna pose...

The versatile navy blazer with a vibrant tie and dashing pocket square

Photos courtesy of J.Press


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