The Icon: Mark Ronson

When I think of DJs and music producers, I normally think of streetwear, bling, and a whole lotta in-your-face attitude. So imagine my delight when I heard of Mark Ronson, a DJ and producer whose style is not just the complete antithesis of my perceptions, but, quite honestly, in a whole different league of its own.

Bespoke suits, skinny ties, peacoats, color, patterns, and a damn good haircut, all day, without an off day, he is the true epitome of what it means to be an icon of style. He knows fit, he knows accessories, he knows combinations. But more than that, he lives them. Just like his music, which pays homage to old school motown but with an urban flair (see Amy Winehouse's Rehab), Ronson has taken classics and revived them with his own distinct take.

He was recently named one of GQ's most stylish men in America, but unlike his co-awardees (ahem, Justin Timberlake, I'm looking at 'chu), what sets him apart is his utter consistency, on the job and off it. "
It helps if you wear a tie as a sign of authority," he once said. With a uniform like that, damn sir, there are no arguments as to who's the man in charge around 'ere.

From the GQ shoot, absolutely impeccable

The HAIR, what else can I say about it?

Mark sporting a slimming one-button with a lil' sheen

Effortless geek chic from the master

A perfect blend of pattern and color

A tuxedo at its finest. Oh, the model ain't bad too.

Mark donning a coat, probably thinking "Damn, I look good."

Photos courtesy of Contact Music


khaz of beautiful things said...

funny that. i just made a tweet about him a few days ago, saying that mark is the better ronson. he dresses well

Styles I Love said...

i'd even go as far as saying that he's the best, even better than his designer sister! seeing his evolution from jeans and shirts to what he wears now has been a beautiful thing!

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