The Guide: Tuck It In or Pull It Out?

One of the things that bothers me most is the fact that a lot of men just don't know when to tuck their shirts in. For years now, it seems as though there has been this great confusion as to when a guy should put it in his pants or just pull 'em right out (yes, you read that right). After some thorough research, though, the answer is none but simple.

If it's too damn long; if it in any way resembles a tunic, then tuck that bad boy in, son! That's the reason they were made that long in the first place; to hold your shirt down and keep them in place. Long untucked shirts ruin the body's proportions too. And you know me, I'm all for clothes making you look better. Oh, by the way, untucked shirts under suits and/or with a tie? Avoid those, please, for me?

"Dude, we so look like tools."

Now if you really insist on wearing your shirts out, go for ones that are cut shorter than those dress shirts you drape. You'll know what I'm talking about when you try them on. It should just be a bit below your belt line, showing all them parts that the ladies secretly check out (we wish). Heck, if anything, it'll simply achieve your primary objective of "dressing up" when you chose that shirt to wear that day. What'd I tell 'ya? Simple as can be!

Look at the difference a shorter and leaner shirt makes! Magic, I'd say!

Photos courtesy of Details and GQ


The Chubbychef said...

Thanks for this bob. I'll take that into consideration. Now can I ask how to dress up my big belly!?!?

Styles I Love said...

I'm sure you've read that article about how having a belly is actually stylish nowadays, right? ;)

On a more serious note, though. Just go for clothes that you're comfortable in. Take note: comfortable in, but not slouchy.

By all accounts, being bigger definitely doesn't stop you from being in style!

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