The Item: Author's Distressed Leather Cardholders

Going to the Rockwell Urban Bazaar's always a treat. Despite most of the stuff just being for girls, there's always that little something for guys that makes the P100 entrance fee well worth it. Yesterday, when I went with my girlfriend, it was these beautiful distressed leather cardholders from Author's.

Made from genuine leather that the makers got from an overseas trader, one look and one touch was all I needed before I busted out the P350 payment for it. I must say, with the distressed details of the leather that looks as if it has gone through hell and back, it looks a lot more expensive than that! Absolutely perfect for my newly made Styles I Love calling cards, which needed the most stylish home it can have!

If you have time (and why the hell not?), go ahead and catch the Author's girls (look familiar?) and all their other products at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar up to today only!

So many options, but all very deliciously distressed!

My calling cards have finally found the perfect home!

T (+632) 533.9905
C (+63) 922.883.4966


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