The Item: Leicas Just How You Want 'Em!

I've already talked about how awesome Leica cameras are. Well, my friends, they just found a way to make them just a tad more desirable.

Enter the Leica a la carte, a feature that allows you to customize the look of the M7s and the MPs as well as their viewfinder magnification. From the surface finish to the engraving to the leather cladding of the body, my fave camera makers definitely gave you enough options to make your photographic instrument truly your own!

Check out the link here and wipe that drool of your face, man!

The Leica a la carte process: Just magnificent!

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The Chubbychef said...

lol bobby. Want to get a leica soon? hehe... Planning to get a 35mm 1.8 for my food photography.

Styles I Love said...

carlos, my friend, who wouldn't want a leica to play with? i certainly won't mind, but the wallet does not permit!

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