The Item: Fred Perry Fall Kicks

Judging from the sheer quantity of posts on the blog, it's no secret that I love me some Fred Perry. And when they I got their text about the new fall drops at the Laurel Store in Greenbelt 5, I just had to go and see 'em for myself.

As expected, they did not disappoint. I especially loved the shoes. They had that same Fred trademark of being classics with a twist, tweaking the color, the fabric, and sometimes both! Damn, now how can I save money for the Kanye x LVs with cheap(er) yet beautiful kicks like these?

Monochrome Coxsons will never get old!

Love the two-tone colors and the turquiose Laurel!

These are my girlfriend's faves. Awesome details on these suede captoe sneaks!

My favorite of the lot. Sweet two-tone red shoes!

Altogether now!


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