The Item: TravelTeq "Trash" Laptop Bags

I love getting e-mails from people around the world. I especially loved this message I received last night which introduced me to this awesome brand called TravelTeq. Needless to say, when I opened the e-mail, I was blown away. TravelTeq is a just-launched premium brand that aims to release products that "enlighten the travelers journeys" and with their first release of their so-called "Trash" laptop bags, they may have done just that.

Dear lord, this is how refined all laptop bags should be. Nothing but the best Italian leather on the outside, high-quality water resistant nylon lining, 8 compartments inside, outside pockets for plane tickets/specs/mobile phones, a shock resistant laptop pocket, a strip to attach to your trolley; all hand made in Italy, bag by bag. Damn. The sleek minimalistic design and subtle hits of color on the outside pocket have me drooling endlessly.

A bag like this doesn't come cheap though. As can be expected with perfection, they charge a pretty penny, something to the tune of P25,000 to be exact. Seems about right for me, with all the detailing and the materials used. But still, that's the most expensive "Trash" I've ever seen in my life. (Find out more about TravelTeq here!)

I just love the minimalistic luxury the bag exudes!

The yellow accents are a fine touch

So convenient to have that strap at the back for trolleys!
In case you're not the brown bag type...

Photos courtesy of TravelTeq


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