The Brand: The plain + simple Lookbook!

After months of working and years of dreaming, our menswear project, plain + simple, has finally come to fruition. All those long nights spent editing every detail have paid off. I'm proud to say that our line is everything we wanted it to be - a chock-full of basics that look good together no matter what combination you throw on. In many ways, it's as much a tribute to the past as it is a nod to the present; based on 60s classics, but updated to meet the fit standards of the now.

Our first ever lookbook, shot by the analog lenses of Your Evil Twin, is raw, unpretentious, and timeless: traits we believe plain + simple exactly embodies. Our clothes don't want to draw attention. We don't want to turn you into blazing fashionistas. We just want to make dressing easy. Oxford shirt here, tailored shorts there, check shirts everywhere, chinos too if you care - all day, baby, all day. Same basic formula as those well-dressed gents from my favorite style era, same dashing results. plain + simple, just as menswear was always supposed to be.

For the full lookbook, visit plain + simple's official Facebook page here! Our flash lookbook's also up after the set. All items will be available at Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar from December 10-12, so hope to see you all there, folks! Just in case, do confirm attendance here!

White oxford shirt + Navy Blue Tailored Shorts

Blue Gingham Shirt + White Tailored Shorts

Blue Gingham Shirt + White Tailored Shorts

Blue Oxford Shirt

Pink Oxford Shirt + Tailored Khaki Shorts

Navy Blue Tailored Shorts + Red Checkered Shirt

Yellow Oxford Shirt

Maroon Checkered Shirt

Khaki Chinos + Blue Chambray Shirt

Blue Checkered Shirt + Khaki Chinos
Blue Chambray Shirt + Khaki Chinos

Pink Oxford Shirt

Pink Checkered Shirt + Gray Chinos

White Oxford Shirt + Navy Blue Tailored Shorts


ONAI said...

nice one will sure check out the bazaar over the weekend; hope to score one of those dandy shorts!

don't like the pics that look like from Band of Outsiders :(

nice pic with the stairs, great choice of backdrop used (fifth form last - Blue Checkered Shirt + Khaki Chinos) :)

Jech said...

Good stuff! And I agree, simple is the way to go. One can never go wrong a pair of shorts and a formfitting button-down.

Styles I Love said...

Thanks Jech! Hope to see you at the Moonlit Bazaar this weekend! :)

Styles I Love said...

Hi Onai! The dandy shorts will be waiting for you, sir! Look forward to meeting you at the bazaar this Friday! :)

(As for the Band comment, I respect your opinion, but our photographers did their own thing - quite awesomely too!) :)

Jesse said...

cool! like the oxfords. do you have those chinos in your collection or is it all shirts?

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