The Item: The Most Used Shirt of 2010

Ah, 2010's almost over and what better way to commemorate the year that was than by awarding, you guessed it, the Filipino man's most used shirt of 2010. While I would have preferred to award it to the white oxford shirt or even a fine pique polo, my girlfriend and I agree that the one piece we've seen most this year was the colored Henley. Take a look at those bad boys and tell us you don't agree. From Divisoria to the deep corners of Rockwell, this shirt was there, trying its darn best. While we don't necessarily endorse it, you just can't run away from the truth. That's 2010, though. How about we try something else for 2011? Okay? Okay. Thanks!

These shirts made a killing this year. Up to you how to interpret that.


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