The Rundown: The Item's Best of 2010

  • I'm with the Band: After years of Band of Outsiders oggling, I not only touched, but also took home a piece of my favorite brand's critically-acclaimed collection. Wow.
  • It's Play Time: My girlfriend wasn't there during my birthday, but boy did she make up for it in the best way. A Comme Des Garcons Play Shirt? All is forgiven, love!
  • From the Bargain Bin: In the year of fine footwear finds, these Opening Ceremony loafers are right up there . I did get them for 90% off the original price after all!
  • Look at the Time: My favorite timepiece of 2010 is this simple Timex Nylon Camper from Robinson's Department Store. GQ wrote about it too, months after I did. Haha!
  • The New Fit: I gained weight this year, so it is but natural for me to migrate from skinny jeans to something less constricting. These Zara light jeans are a fine start.


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