The Happening: He Wore, She Wore

Sometimes when you've been together so long, you and your significant other just coordinate outfits without even talking about it. Same colored shirts, same folded pants, same overall aesthetic - my girlfriend and I have done it all without discussion. So today, allow me to share with you another his-and-her interpretation of ours, this time of the classic folded khakis and dirtied off-white loafers. Ah, feels so good having someone who you can connect with both emotionally and stylistically. I'm a very lucky man; nothing more I could ask for, really.

On him: Khakis (Banana Republic), Loafers (Band of Outsiders)
On her: Khakis (Zara), Loafers (Fred Perry Laurel)


Anonymous said...

Where can I buy Band of Outsiders loafers?

ONAI said...

that is really something and it shows pa (through fashion), how cool is that? You're truly lucky. Words you write about a partner I couldn't agree any less. Happy fashionable holidays to you both!

Styles I Love said...

Hi Mr. Anonymous,
Sadly, none available locally. Chanced upon them in Hong Kong's Lane Crawford at Causeway Bay.

Hi Onai,
Thanks for the kind words! A happy fashionable holiday to you too, sir. Cheers!

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