The Item: Fred Perry Christmas Giveaways

As if you needed more reasons to drop by the Fred Perry shops this December, the fine folks from their Greenbelt 5, PowerPlant, and Atrium Megamall branches are now giving away some sweet pins for your holiday enjoyment. Man, if I remember correctly, they used to sell those exact same pins, but now you get them by just visiting? Generosity at its finest, fellas. Joan of Fred's PowerPlant branch was kind enough to give me a boxed set with all the colors included. Now, my shirts and bags can always have a hint of the Laurel just as I've always wanted!

The box I got was a gift in itself. Now that's how you do packaging!

The black pin's my favorite. Although everything is on point!


Anonymous said...

do they give these out, like, for how much minimum purchase?

Styles I Love said...

If I'm not mistaken, they just give it out sir! Just drop by any Fred Perry branch and ask for them! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

wow. thanks :)

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