Style I Love: Awesome Wooden Watch!

My girlfriend and I were at the Facehunter book signing last night and while lining up to meet with Mr. Yvan Rodic, I spotted this gentleman's sweet timepiece that I couldn't stop staring at. This one was different, you guys. We've all had our fill of steel watches, but this one was made entirely of wood - of wood! I just had to have a picture. I was so intrigued that I googled "wooden watches" and found the site of the brand which crafts similar ones. It's a Canadian brand called Tense and aside from creating these unique timepieces, they sell them quite cheap too! At least it's a reason to visit Canadia. On second thought though, I think I'll just have it shipped.

Update: Dear reader Mr. Joel Trudel pointed me to the website of WeWOOD, the actual brand of the fine wooden timepiece I saw. While WeWOOD generally sports better design and website aesthetic, it needs to be said, however, that Tense may very well be the original (they've been making them since 1971!). Whatever brand you choose though, you can't go wrong. The world has enough steel watches, it's time to go back to nature and get you some wooden ones!

I'm really feeling the alternative wooden wristwatch aesthetic!

These Tense watches are real conversation starters. Loving the one on the left!

I slightly prefer the WeWOOD pieces though. Cleaner look and more contemporary.

Photos courtesy of Tense


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