The Happening: The Facehunter Experience!

I have been following Yvan Rodic's Facehunter blog for quite some time, so when I heard that he was coming over to Manila for a book signing, there was no way I was going to miss it. From the time we arrived during the short Q&A, Mr. Rodic looked to be very accommodating. We were relatively at the front of the line of the signing, but it took about an hour before we got our chance to converse. No complaints here though, because I respected the fact that Mr. Facehunter made small talk with every single one of those in line, and there were a lot of us too, mind you.

When it was finally time for my girlfriend and I to speak to him, our observations rang true. It was like we were old friends having a discussion. We conversed about his inspirations and camera preferences. I mentioned that I have a blog too. I even voiced out my frustration about the Filipino man's lack of enthusiasm for clothing to which he said, "I've noticed". That sad point aside, it was a pleasant experience from a man who's been over the world, taking pictures of style in all its interpretations. As a token of appreciation, we gave him a pink oxford shirt from plain + simple, which he said he'll "wear all over the world". That guy, such a character!

The Facehunter and the plain + simple pair; taking a picture of our tag too!

Solo shots with Mr. Rodic. Hey, I think that's a little too close, sir!

Listening intently and personalizing his autographs for our copies.

Discussing with other fans. Come back and Facehunt anytime, sir!


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